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Tue Mar 7 19:16:33 2017 UTC (3 years, 2 months ago) by dbug
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Added Moulinex, old tool to convert MOD files to LOW format and vice versa
1 GFA-BASIC3"*********vvvvv"DNnvzzzzzzzzzBUFREPLVIPYZOOMNROUTINEROUTINECHARGE_ROUTINEFIN CHARGE_SAMPLE ECOUTE_SAMPLE SAUVE_SAMPLEAFFICHE_SAMPLE  editeur de boucles   8FFeFeFe0и F #. F (!Bug !!!!!dommage!F F$F F8!Faites un choix!!Charger|Quitter!F#߀Fc"$f:\krom_fft.spl\*.spl!!FF  FF# F
2 #@F   Ft     Ft
3 й F FF
4  F $T F$i!M!F0O F $F0F$FM!!F0FF$FF
5  F ߀!F dbut sam "߀!F  fin sam !F dbut bou "߀!F  fin bou 2ߠ!F 0->play/1->record and play l`FXFXF!!!F/XFXFF F$i!M!f:\*.inlF0O F 4 FF 8FFM!!F\0FFF F$o!M! f:\test.splF/M!!Fe0FFF FFF  "La on affiche la vue reduite   l!!!Fil!#!!#F0F 0? F0F#`!FLGFn0?ߟ F0F# G!F |&FG  Quelques infos   LY! FLFFLLongueur sample:"7FF  "Et enfin, la zone de travail   F


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