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Tue Mar 7 19:16:33 2017 UTC (3 years, 2 months ago) by dbug
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Added Moulinex, old tool to convert MOD files to LOW format and vice versa
1 GFA-BASIC3 .:::::::::FFFFFMALLOCIA2PATH0PATH1SOURCE0SOURCE1DESTDESTTAILLEMFREE3FIN&V!!! F4f:\krom_dnt.pi1\FF4f:\krom_mit.prg\FF4 plan0.pi1FF4 plan1.pi1FF4da0.datFF N FxFvFE8и F $I!M!F@!FF palette M!! FF Fscreen .... M!!}FF}F 0MF. $I!M!F@!"FFM!V !}F 0MFJ F LG/F6TV ߠ!݀!@FTTV ߠ߀!ߩ߀݀!@F4T߀!V ߠ!@FRT߀ߩ߀!V ߠ߀!@F |FG߀FLGxF#6TV # !!@F66T!V # !@F@F |FG 0MF ߀F P!!Fi FE  FE
2 й F&V!!! F FF


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