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Tue Mar 7 19:16:33 2017 UTC (2 years, 8 months ago) by dbug
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Added Moulinex, old tool to convert MOD files to LOW format and vice versa
2 IXZX0CAAAEESPREND &V!!! F,$i!M!f:\krom_dnt.pi1\plan0.pi1F@!Fp4 FM!! FpV! FM!V !}F0FF *$o!M!f:\krom_mit.prg\da1.datF M!! Fe On sauve cote gauche d LGF (M!V ߠ!F1 |FG On sauve cote droit  LGF 4M!V ݠ!F |RFG on sauve le haut  LGFBM!V ݠ!ߠ߀F |FG on sauve le bas  LGFBM!V ݠ!ߠ߀F |JFG on sauve la plaque du bas  LGF4M!V ݠ!PF |FG On sauve le temple  DF *!>!!~!FFF!!FLG@F(M!V ߠ!@F |FG on sauve la petite merde...  LFLGFBM!V ݠ!߀߀F | FG on sauve l'image  ,$i!M!f:\krom_dnt.pi1\plan1.pi1F@!"FfM!V !}Ft 0MF LGFLGF6M!V ߠ݀!F |FG |FG ,$i!M!f:\krom_dnt.pi1\anim0.pi1F@!"FfM!V !}Ft 0MFLGF #ߠ F |FGLGF*#ߠ߀ F |FG# F ~INP(2)  L7O F0FF&V!!! F  F
3  FLG*F,M!V ߠ!F |FGF


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