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Sun Dec 15 09:42:42 2013 UTC (5 years, 10 months ago) by dbug
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Generic clean-up of the loader code, moved the vectors at the end of the file so they get auto-magically setup when the loader is installed in memory.
Fixed a bug in the bootsector which did not actually know the actual length of the loader.
First transition effect (simple top/bottom copy), makes the whole thing feel smoother.
New LoaderAPI command: _SetLoadAddress, can be used to override the location of where files get loaded.
1 dbug 1015 @ECHO OFF
3     ::
4     :: Set the build paremeters
5     ::
6     SET OSDKADDR=$400
7     SET OSDKNAME=slideshow
8 dbug 1024 SET OSDKFILE=main irq player loader_api transitions scroller
9 dbug 1015 SET OSDKDISK=

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