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Tue May 26 07:45:25 2009 UTC (10 years, 4 months ago) by Chema
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1 First build the intro. Enter "intro" folder and run osdk_build.bat
2 Then build the game. Enter the "game source" folder and run osdk_buld.bat
4 It should generate the sp99.dsk file, which is the final version of the game. Beware I use several additional tools for building that may not be included in your osdk distribution. Check the error messages.
6 To build the french version, just open the strings.s file and uncomment the //#define FRENCH_VERSION line.
8 Beware there are many other files that can be needed to create the bitmaps, images, fonts... So should you want to experiment with these, contact me.
10 Those interested in using WHITE+NOISE (included in the game source folder in their respective subdirectories), also drop me an email for information.
13 Cheers.
15 Chema 2009
17 enguita@gmail.com

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