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Mon Jul 13 12:20:10 2009 UTC (10 years, 7 months ago) by dbug
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Added some shared libraries (UnitTest++, and FreeImage) to avoid having every single project brings its own libraries.
Ideally people should add them in a way we can upgrade versions without breaking things:
-> public/pc/shared_libraries/library_name/library_version/actuall_content
1 Release Notes
2 --------------
3 This version of the library has been tested under OSX 10.3.9 PPC and OSX 10.4.8 Intel.
5 While the makefiles will make a .dylib and a .a, it is recommended to simply staticly link with the .a file.
7 FreeImage is now built as a Universal Binary and targets the 10.3.9 SDK for PPC and the 10.4u SDK for i386.
8 This means that you must have both of these SDKs installed and that you must be running on OSX 10.4+ to build FreeImage.
9 The library will run on 10.3 PPC, but probably not 10.2 or below anymore. wchar.h did not exist on 10.2.
11 FreeImage is now built with gcc 4.0 and will thus only run on 10.3.9 or above (some libraries may not exist on 10.3.8 and below).
13 The FreeImage makefile makes use of the gcc "-fvisibility=hidden" in order to avoid incompatibilities between
14 internal third party libraries and the OS libraries. This feature is available with gcc 4 or greater.
17 Ryan Rubley
19 Building the Library
20 --------------------
21 Makefile detects the environment by calling 'uname'. Assuming this reports 'Darwin' on your system, Makefile will automatically
22 defer commands to Makefile.osx. If this doesn't work, type 'make -f Makefile.osx' in place of just 'make'
24 The build process is as simple as this:
25 1) Enter the FreeImage directory
26 2) Build the distribution:
27 make
28 3) The libraries and header will be in the Dist directory when the build is finished
30 To install FreeImage in the /usr/local/lib and /usr/local/include directories (not recommended):
31 make install
33 To clean all files produced during the build process:
34 make clean
37 Additional notes
38 ----------------
40 Building on Mac OS X Leopard :
42 Install the xcode dev tools from the Leopard disk.
43 When installing the dev tools make sure to have installed 10.3.9 SDK (it's not selected by default).

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