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Mon Feb 23 21:53:50 2009 UTC (11 years, 3 months ago) by dbug
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Added various tools (4k8, bas2txt, read and write disk, etc...)
1 Raw -> MFM is a simple tool converting raw images of double density disks to
2 the MFM format used by Euphoric.
4 Raw images are those images you get when using PC tools like rawread.exe or
5 WinImage, or when using the 'dd' command under unix workstations. This means
6 the image only contains a copy of the sector contents, without any formatting
7 info. So, it is a simple format for the most common configurations, since the
8 size of the image gives information about the format:
10 360KB means 2 sided, 40 tracks, 9 sectors/track, 512 bytes/sector
11 720KB means 2 sided, 80 tracks, 9 sectors/track, 512 bytes/sector
12 1.2MB means 2 sided, 80 tracks, 15 sectors/track, 512 bytes/sector
13 1.44MB means 2 sided, 80 tracks, 18 sectors/track, 512 bytes/sector
15 These are the usual PC floppy disks: if you have a single sided disk, or use
16 a different number of sectors per track, the size of the image might be the
17 same as another format, and so is not enough to determine the actual format.
19 Raw -> MFM builds virtual disks from the first two PC formats above (the two
20 others are high density disks, not double density disks, so they can not be
21 used on the oric). The MFM format is bigger in size than a raw format, but it
22 can cope with any exotic format, mixing sectors of 128, 256, 512 or 1024 bytes.
24 Current limitations:
25 Raw->MFM does not build a very precise virtual disk for now, gap lengths are
26 not real ones, it's just because I've been too lazy to look at a real one...
28 Note to WinImage users:
29 Disk images used with WinImage are raw images, but they are often compressed.
30 Standard extension is .IMA for uncompressed images and .IMZ for compressed
31 ones. Please uncompress your images before converting them with Raw->MFM
32 (use PKunzip or InfoZip)
34 Note to Unix users:
35 Use the standard dd command to build a raw image from a real disk.
36 Eg:
37 dd if=/dev/fd0 of=mydisk.dsk bs=9b
38 (you might need to replace fd0 with your special device name, like fd0D720.
39 Also the bs option is not mandatory, but it often speeds the process 8-)

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