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Sat Jan 21 22:33:21 2012 UTC (7 years, 10 months ago) by dbug
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Updated the depot with the source code of the OSDK 0.019
1 dbug 70 <!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.0//EN">
3     <HTML lang=fr dir=ltr>
4     <HEAD>
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6     <meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html;charset=iso-8859-1">
7     <title>OSDK - Version history</title>
8     <link href="documentation.css" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css">
9     </HEAD>
11     <BODY>
13     <hr>
14     <A href="documentation.htm"><img src="arrow_back.gif"></A>
15     <img src="pics/osdk_logo_small.png">
16     <hr>
18     <h1>Version history</h1>
20 dbug 781 <p id=dateentry>Version 0.019 - January the 18th 2011</p>
21     <ul>
22     <li>Upgraded <A href="doc_assembler.htm">XA</A> to the version 2.2.3</li>
23     <li>Added TapTool 1.0 - Should work as a drop-in replacement for Tap2CD, in the future will provide in one tool all the functionalities of Tap2Wav, Tap2CD and Tap2DSK.</li>
24     <li>Added DskTool 1.0 - Should work as a drop-in replacement for Old2Mfm, in the future will provide in one tool all the functionalities of Old2Mfm, Raw2Mfm, CRCFix, Init, MakeDsk, ...</li>
25     </ul>
27     <p id=dateentry>Version 0.018 - January the 15th 2011</p>
28     <ul>
29     <li>Upgraded <A href="doc_euphoric.htm">Euphoric</A> to the version 1014</li>
30     <li>Upgraded <A href="doc_memmap.htm">MemMap</A> to the version 0.004</li>
31     <li>Upgraded <A href="doc_assembler.htm">XA</A> to the version 2.2.2</li>
32     <li>The handling of the stackframe should not be more robust, fixing the random variable corruption that happened in code using many functions calls and local variables.</li>
33     <li>The libraries now contains a 32 bit multiplication routine, and a Microsoft compatible random number generator.</li>
34     </ul>
36 dbug 208 <p id=dateentry>Version 0.017 - November the 29th 2009</p>
37 dbug 70 <ul>
38     <li>It is now possible to indicate subfolders in the OSDK_CONFIG file list</li>
39     <li>A new configuration parameter <b>OSDKDISK</b> can be used to define the layout of a DSK file. When calling OSDK_EXECUTE this will automatically run <A href="doc_euphoric.htm">Euphoric</A> in microdisc mode, and make it boot on the newly generated floppy.</li>
40     <li>Upgraded the version of Tap2Dsk</li>
41     <li>Integrated the first version of Wilfrid AVRILLON's BASIC labelizer tool</li>
42     <li><A href="doc_bas2tap.htm">Bas2Tap</A> now accepts line number 0, and has a new parameter -color[0|1] to enable syntax coloring on rem statements.</li>
43     <li>Added a 256 bytes demo in the assembler samples, to show how to do a minimalistic program.</li>
44     <li>PictConv now uses FreeImage 3, this means more supported file formats.</li>
45 dbug 208 <li>Fixed an issue in LIB.H with the macros peek and poke</li>
46 dbug 70 </ul>
48     <p id=dateentry>Version 0.016 - December the 13th 2006</p>
49     <ul>
50     <li>Replaced a part of the build process that was crashing Wine. It is now possible to compile an Oric program with the OSDK on a Linux machine.</li>
51     <li>If you have DosBox installed, it is now possible to run <A href="doc_euphoric.htm">Euphoric</A> in a windowed mode.</li>
52     <li>Updated the documentation with more interpage links.</li>
53     <li>Upgraded <A href="doc_euphoric.htm">Euphoric</A> to the version 1007</li>
54     <li>Added <A href="doc_bas2tap.htm">Bas2Tap</A> as a native part of the OSDK. It is now possible to generate programs from a BASIC source code easily.</li>
55     <li>Added a lot of options to fine tune the output of <A href="doc_bin2txt.htm">Bin2Txt</A>, including the possibility to generate BASIC files.</li>
56     <li>PictConv can now export pictures as BASIC DATA lines.</li>
57     <li>PictConv can convert colored pictures that are not 240 pixels wide</li>
58     </ul>
60     <p id=dateentry>Version 0.015 - August the 2nd 2006</p>
61     <ul>
62     <li>Corrected a stupid mistake that led to invalid code generation</li>
63     </ul>
65     <p id=dateentry>Version 0.014 - June the 9th 2006</p>
66     <ul>
67     <li>Some new features in <A href="doc_pictconv.htm">PictConv</A>
68     <ul>
69     <li>If there is something specified after -o3 or -o4 modes, it's used as a label name to use when generating source code data.</li>
70     <li>If there is a 'z' specified after -f0 mode (monochrome conversion), it means that bit 6 should not be set in converted bytes</li>
71     <li>Added -n switch to set the number of values per line (stolen from <A href="doc_bin2txt.htm">Bin2Txt</A> !)</li>
72     </ul>
73     </li>
74     <li>Update the documentation page about <A href="doc_pictconv.htm">PictConv</A>, it was severly lacking some important details -like file formats-</li>
75     </ul>
77     <p id=dateentry>Version 0.013 - June the 4th 2006</p>
78     <ul>
79     <li>Corrected a bug in the makefile (introduce in version 0.012) that make it impossible to compile C programs</li>
80     <li>It is now possible to use .ASM extension for assembly source code, in addition to .S</li>
81     <li>Added pictures of Windows 2000 and Windows XP system properties in the installation page.</li>
82     </ul>
84     <p id=dateentry>Version 0.012 - June the 4th 2006</p>
85     <ul>
86     <li>Corrected a bug in the linker that made it impossible to use the linker with only one source file</li>
87 dbug 781 <li>Corrected a bug in the #file command in <A href="doc_assembler.htm">XA</A>, it now correctly displays the file and line if an error happens during the second pass</li>
88 dbug 70 <li>Corrected a bug in the handling of static function pointer generating bad code (1.29 code generator by Fabrice)</li>
89     <li>Added an option to display the size of generated programs in Header</li>
90     </ul>
92     <p id=dateentry>Version 0.011 - March 2006</p>
93     <ul>
94     <li>Corrected a bug in the data unpacking code (overflow when offset was equal to 4096 exactly)</li>
95 dbug 781 <li>Corrected a bug (hack) in <A href="doc_assembler.htm">XA</A> that make it crash when processing too many levels of macro expansion</li>
96 dbug 70 <li>Added a way to generate masks from a bitmap in <A href="doc_pictconv.htm">PictConv</A></li>
97     <li>Added support for Atari ST compatible bitmap data in <A href="doc_pictconv.htm">PictConv</A></li>
98     <li>Added an option in <A href="doc_bin2txt.htm">Bin2Txt</A> to set the number of values per line of data</li>
99 dbug 781 <li>Added a new program in the OSDK, <A href="doc_memmap.htm">MemMap</A> with the associated osdk_showmap.bat to show how memory is used</li>
100 dbug 70 </ul>
102     <p id=dateentry>Version 0.010 - January 2004</p>
103     <ul>
104     <li>Corrected bug in the memset routine: it was trashing the first byte that follow the routine.</li>
105     <li>Added screenshots of <A href="doc_euphoric.htm">Euphoric</A> menu, boot sequence and debugger in action</li>
106     </ul>
108     <p id=dateentry>Version 0.009 - January 2004</p>
109     <ul>
110     <li>Corrected a bug in the data unpacking code</li>
111     <li>Corrected a bug in the EQW_DI macro instruction</li>
112     <li>Modified the linker to handle pure assembly code projects (SET OSDKLINK=-B in the configuration file)</li>
113     <li>Modified the linker to make it not complain about .( and .)</li>
114 dbug 781 <li>Modified the linker to add #file directives in order to get valid error messages (file/line) from <A href="doc_assembler.htm">XA</A> assembler</li>
115 dbug 70 <li>Modified the linker to makes it accept /* */ comments (was previously crashing badly)</li>
116     <li>Modified the assembleur to accept the #file directive</li>
117     <li>Modified the makefile to accept a OSDKCOMP variable to handle compiler optimisation settings</li>
118     <li>Updated <A href="doc_euphoric.htm">Euphoric</A> to release 1.004a</li>
119     <li>Added "testing" mode to <A href="doc_pictconv.htm">PictConv</A></li>
120     <li>Added a "don't save header" mode to <A href="doc_filepack.htm">FilePack</A></li>
121     <li>Added a new sample project: 4KKong game</li>
122     </ul>
124     <p id=dateentry>Version 0.008 - Nov 2002</p>
125     <ul>
126     <li>Corrected bug in the code generator: floating point code is now working.</li>
127     <li>Made some improvements in the build and execute batch files.</li>
128     <li>Added already made Visual Studio projects and workspaces.</li>
129     </ul>
131     <p id=dateentry>Version 0.007 - Nov 2002</p>
132     <ul>
133     <li>Corrected bug in the code generator: function pointers are now working correctly.</li>
134     <li>Corrected bug in the code generator: NULL pointers as parameters are now working correctly.</li>
135     <li>Corrected bug in memset, it was crashing !</li>
136     <li>Added configuration information on how to use VisualC++ and UltraEdit for editing.</li>
137     <li>Added some definitions in the glossary.</li>
138     <li>Added a page with the 6502 instruction set.</li>
139     </ul>
141     <p id=dateentry>Version 0.006 - Nov 2002</p>
142     <ul>
143     <li>Corrected bug with -u option of <A href="doc_filepack.htm">FilePack</A> (was not working anymore)</li>
144     <li>Corrected various problems in the documentation (spelling, html errors)</li>
145     <li>Added version number on the first documentation page.</li>
146     </ul>
148     <p id=dateentry>Version 0.005 - Nov 2002</p>
149     <ul>
150     <li>Corrected error in <A href="doc_bin2txt.htm">Bin2Txt</A> documentation</li>
151     <li>Corrected problem with "tmp" folder that was missing in the Zip archive</li>
152     <li>Added FreeImage.dll (needed for <A href="doc_pictconv.htm">PictConv</A>)</li>
153     </ul>
155     <p id=dateentry>Version 0.004 - Nov 2002</p>
156     <ul>
157     <li>Updated code generator and macros for the C compiler.</li>
158     <li>Updated tape header manager, can now remove headers and set autorun flag</li>
159     <li>Added <A href="doc_filepack.htm">FilePack</A>, <A href="doc_bin2txt.htm">Bin2Txt</A>, <A href="doc_pictconv.htm">PictConv</A>, WriteDsk, Tap2Cd and Tap2Wav</li>
160     <li>Added this documentation :)</li>
161     <li>Added two samples (picture display, and file decompression)</li>
162     <li>Added "file_unpack" function</li>
163     <li>Corrected bug in "clock" function</li>
164 dbug 781 <li><A href="doc_assembler.htm">XA</A> symbol table is now compatible with <A href="doc_euphoric.htm">Euphoric</A> debuger format</li>
165 dbug 70 </ul>
167     <p id=dateentry>Version 0.003 - Jan 2002</p>
168     <ul>
169     <li>Lots of modification. The setup/use is a lot simpler than before.</li>
170     <li>Can now be used from within Visual Studios.</li>
171     <li><A href="doc_euphoric.htm">Euphoric</A> is integrated into the release</li>
172     </ul>
174     <p id=dateentry>Version 0.002 - August 2001</p>
175     <ul>
176     <li>Correction of a bug in the header creator</li>
177     </ul>
179     <p id=dateentry>Version 0.001 - March 2001</p>
180     <ul>
181     <li>First version of the OSDK</li>
182     </ul>
184     <p id=dateentry>Version 0.000</p>
185     <ul>
186     <li>Internal test release</li>
187     </ul>
191     <hr>
192     <A href="documentation.htm"><img src="arrow_back.gif"></A>
193     <img src="pics/osdk_logo_small.png">
194     <hr>
196     </BODY>
197     </HTML>

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