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Sun Dec 8 10:50:26 2013 UTC (6 years ago) by dbug
File size: 734 byte(s)
Resynchronized my own changes to the OSDK with what was in the depot.
From now on I will continue the changes directly with the depot version, and try to update more regularly.
The reason I had this big change is that I had two computers with local changes done in demo parties when working on demos, where I did the fixes to handle Euphoric and Oricutron, plus new tools, modified tools, etc... giant mess.
I do not guarantee that what is on the depot is bug free, but it's the version I'm using right now (My OSDK var points to the public\pc\tools\osdk\main\Osdk\_final_ folder.
1 ; Simple graphics/sound/keyboard functions
4 ;
5 ; The idea is that at some point we will implement the correct address on Oric 1
6 ; and add some machine detection that will use the jump location.
7 ;
8 _hires jmp $ec33
9 _text jmp $ec21
10 _ping jmp $fa9f
11 _shoot jmp $fab5
12 _zap jmp $fae1
13 _explode jmp $facb
14 _kbdclick1 jmp $fb14
15 _kbdclick2 jmp $fb2a
16 _cls jmp $ccce
17 _lores0 jmp $d9ed
18 _lores1 jmp $d9ea
21 _key
22 jsr $023B ; get key without waiting. If not available
23 bpl key001 ; return 0
24 jmp grexit2
25 key001
26 lda #0
27 jmp grexit2
30 _get
31 jsr $023B ; blatantly ripped off Fabrice's getchar
32 bpl _get ; loop until char available
33 jmp grexit2 ; rip off Vaggelis' code as well, and exit.

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