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Revision 1215 - Directory Listing
Modified Sun Sep 28 18:56:36 2014 UTC (5 years, 3 months ago) by mmu_man
Fake nullptr for GCC < 4.6

Revision 1163 - Directory Listing
Modified Tue Sep 16 18:15:30 2014 UTC (5 years, 4 months ago) by mmu_man
common.h: guard VC++ specific pragmas

Revision 1075 - Directory Listing
Modified Sun Jan 12 20:13:41 2014 UTC (6 years ago) by dbug
PictConv 0.016
- New option to skip the conversion if the target file is more recent than the source file (-u)
- New option to enable/disable information about what happens (-v)

Ym2Mym 1.1
- The tool is now able to extract LHA compressed YM files directly, should make the process much easier :)

Revision 1045 - Directory Listing
Modified Fri Dec 20 17:42:53 2013 UTC (6 years, 1 month ago) by dbug
Floppy Builder 0.11
- Added support for metadata that can be used later on by the programmer
Also modified Link65 to handle #include correctly in assembler source files
The SlideShow now correctly displays the name of the pictures and their authors from the exported metadata (Still need transitions)

Revision 1038 - Directory Listing
Modified Tue Dec 17 21:24:32 2013 UTC (6 years, 1 month ago) by dbug
FloppyBuilder 0.10
- The compression code now generates correct data (it was using the Atari ST mode encoding, making the unpacking code not happy)
- Added to the report file the occupation ratio of the floppy (by maintaining an internal list of used sectors also used to check if there's no overlap)
The loader code is now able to decompress data on the fly just using the page 2 as a temporary sector loader.

Revision 1035 - Directory Listing
Modified Sun Dec 15 15:35:39 2013 UTC (6 years, 1 month ago) by dbug
FloppyBuilder 0.9
- Added the 'SetCompressionMode' command. Possible parameters are 'None' (default value) and 'FilePack'
The lzpack.cpp file moved out from FilePack and is now in Common, this means it will be usable in other projects (Like PictConv)

Revision 1013 - Directory Listing
Modified Thu Dec 12 19:35:12 2013 UTC (6 years, 1 month ago) by dbug
Modified the ShowError command to take optional parameters (makes it possible to display actual information in the error message)
FloppyBuilder 0.3: Fixed parsing of comments, added a 'OutputFloppyFile' command, validated that the number of sectors and tracks is correct in the 'SetPosition' command.

Revision 974 - Directory Listing
Modified Sun Nov 24 13:29:03 2013 UTC (6 years, 2 months ago) by dbug
Did some minor API changes in the Common library (returned a string by value instead of reference)
Added also a new project called 'Ym2Mym' which is not from me, but that all the MYM demos are using to convert Atari ST music.
Updated FreeImage from 3.9.3 to 3.15.4 (only used by PictConv)
PictConv now has a CharacterGenerator mode, not quite sure yet that it works.

Revision 898 - Directory Listing
Modified Sat Sep 29 18:40:02 2012 UTC (7 years, 3 months ago) by dbug
Fixed some issues on Visual Studio introduced by the posixification...

Revision 872 - Directory Listing
Modified Tue Sep 25 22:43:47 2012 UTC (7 years, 4 months ago) by mmu_man
POSIXify common/

* define O_BINARY on platforms which don't define it
* include <curses.h> on *nix to have a usable getch()
* use real POSIX functions instead of _-prefixed win32 versions
* use strncasecmp() instead of nonstandard memicmp()
* use stat() instead of _findfirst() since we don't even use the globbed result anyway

This now builds both for linux and mingw32.

Revision 406 - Directory Listing
Modified Mon Sep 20 18:59:17 2010 UTC (9 years, 4 months ago) by dbug
Updated the OSDK with the latest code of most of the tools.

Revision 208 - Directory Listing
Modified Sat Jan 23 15:55:45 2010 UTC (10 years ago) by dbug
Updated the OSDK codebase with the latest changed, which mostly add Atari ST support.

Revision 70 - Directory Listing
Added Sun May 24 19:53:20 2009 UTC (10 years, 8 months ago) by dbug
Added the complete source code of the OSDK.
Projects files are available for Visual Studio 6 and .net, plus a Code::Blocks setup (everything works except PictConv that relies on FreeImage - which does not build correctly on mingw)

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