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revision 1017 by dbug, Thu Dec 12 20:50:14 2013 UTC revision 1018 by dbug, Sat Dec 14 14:02:00 2013 UTC
# Line 66  public: Line 66  public:
66    Floppy();    Floppy();
67    ~Floppy();    ~Floppy();
69      bool CreateDisk(int numberOfSides,int numberOfTracks,int numberOfSectors);
70    bool LoadDisk(const char* fileName);    bool LoadDisk(const char* fileName);
71    bool SaveDisk(const char* fileName) const;    bool SaveDisk(const char* fileName) const;
72    bool SaveDescription(const char* fileName) const;    bool SaveDescription(const char* fileName) const;
74    void WriteSector(const char *fileName);    bool WriteSector(const char *fileName);
75    int WriteFile(const char *fileName,int loadAddress);   // Returns the number of sectors    bool WriteFile(const char *fileName,int loadAddress,bool removeHeaderIfPresent);
76      bool WriteTapeFile(const char *fileName);
78    bool AddDefine(std::string defineName,std::string defineValue);    bool AddDefine(std::string defineName,std::string defineValue);

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